Friday, July 6, 2007

How to Leave a Comment on the Blog

It's very easy to leave a comment on this blog! At the bottom of each post, you can see "Posted by Nina Liakos at (time)", followed by "0 comments" (or "6 comments", or whatever). Click on the word "Comments."

You will see all the comments people have already left on that post, if there are any. You will also see a box with the title, "Leave your comment." Type your comment right into this box. (Be sure to include your name so we will know who you are if you choose "Anonymous" below.)

Since you are probably not a registered Blogger user (yet), you can choose "Other" (which opens up a little form for your name and/or webpage) or just "Anonymous."

If you would like to preview your comment, click on the blue "Preview" button. Then you can change it. Or just click on "Publish your comment."

Even if you say only, "Hello! My name is .... I am happy to be a part of AGU in America 2007," we will be very happy to see your comments!

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