Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Adams Morgan

Our last field trip was in the mostly Latino (Spanish-speaking) neighborhood of Adams Morgan, in Washington, D.C. We took the metro to Columbia Heights and walked down 16th Street and Columbia Road to 18th Street. We saw a few of the neighborhood's famous murals (wall art), heard many people speaking Spanish, and saw lots of Latino and African stores and businesses. Some of us bought flavored ices from a street vendor, and others had coffee at Tryst, a coffee shop next to the famous Madam's Organ mural (Adams Morgan/Madam's Organ--get it?). We had an hour to explore the neighborhood, and then we met back at Tryst and walked down 18th Street to U Street and back to 14th, where we found the U Street-African American Civil War Memorial metro station. This part of DC was devastated by riots following the assassination of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968, and has been redeveloped fairly recently.

All of the students looked exhausted, so I suggested they they might prefer to return to College Park rather than staying in DC for dinner; but they all refused my offer and went off with the mentors to see the White House while Richard and I made our way back to College Park, after stopping off to see the Civil War Memorial, which was at the other entrance to the metro station! I am sorry the group missed it, and will include my photos of it in the slideshow.

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Dennis said...

Hi, Nina and students.

The trip to the Adams Morgan neighborhood sounded like a lot of fun, since the area seems to offer a variety of ethnic stores and restaurants.

I took a look at the Adams Morgan web portal and was surprised at the diversity represented there--from Central and South America to Africa!

What an amazing place to visit!

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix