Friday, August 10, 2007

As already mentioned, on Wednesday we spent the afternoon at WUSA news where some of us got to watch a live taping of the show! Here is a picture of Nina and the mentors with J. C. Hayward, one of the news anchors.

On Thursday we went to the IADB and though I didn't understand much of the lectures (except a couple words like "projecto" and "investmento") I think the students got a lot out it!

After the IADB, most of us went to the National Portrait Gallery. We spent an hour in the museum and I think some of the students spent most of that time in the gift shop! A lot of the boys bought pencil/pen cases.

After the museum, we head back to College Park and to Potbelly's for dinner. The people working at Potbelly's were very accommodating and eventually everyone had a sandwich. I've noticed that many of the students don't like mustard! Maybe mustard in Japan isn't very good. After dinner we hung around at Potbelly's playing games. The picture above shows most of the girls and me playing a game I play at the Outdoor Rec Center with groups.

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