Monday, August 13, 2007

Lake Artemesia

College Park, Maryland is a town of 25,000 people which is home to a university of 35,000 people! Today, our afternoon activity was discovering College Park, and the students had three choices: a hike around Lake Artemesia, a visit to the College Park Aviation Museum, or a visit to the University of Maryland University College to view some of the artwork there. Since I went on the hike, I can only write about that, but I hope Ji Won and Laura will post about their trips.

I met the students at the Union, and we met Sophia at the Main Gate. We weren't sure about the correct path, as neither of us had actually done the hike before, and we didn't have a good map; but after starting out in the wrong direction we doubled back and soon we were on the Paint Branch Trail heading east, and before too long, we arrived at the lake, which was surrounded by greenery and full of water lilies and bullrushes. It was really a lovely scene. It was quite hot, but as we walked around to the other side of the lake, we came upon a large gazebo on stilts in the water. We all climbed the steps and entered the gazebo, and in there there was a wonderful cool breeze blowing. It felt just like being in a boat--except that we weren't moving. The kids and Sophia played a Japanese counting/clapping game, and after a while one of the girls brought out jump ropes, and they played Double Dutch and other jumping feats. They were really good! I was surprised because I hadn't realized that Double Dutch had traveled abroad--I thought mainly American girls did it. I am always learning new things from this program.

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Dennis said...

Hi, Nina and students.

I read a lot of comments about Lake Artemesia on the student blogs and enjoyed seeing the photos in your BubbleShare album. I also ran across some additional photos at a site called Lake Artemesia: A Visual Portrait.

I especially enjoyed your photos of students doing "Double Dutch" in the Lake Artemesia gazebo: what fun!

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix