Saturday, August 4, 2007

Monuments Cruise

At 3:30 pm, we boarded the Miss Mallory for a 45-minute cruise to Georgetown, the oldest neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Dr. Hallion saw us off, waving from the dock as the boat pulled away. We were happy to find a big air-conditioned room on the boat, and some of the group stayed there, playing cards or just resting; but some of us preferred the view from the Miss Mallory's upper deck, where the sun was strong but there was a beautiful breeze!

When we got to Georgetown, our first stop was Urban Outfitters, a giant clothing store on M Street. I hate to shop, so I went home soon after that. I got home at 7 pm, exhausted, but I found out that the group stayed on in Georgetown, shopping and eating, for several hours, getting home at 11:30. Fortunately, Sunday morning is free time so we can all sleep in!

Here are my pictures from the cruise, plus a few from Georgetown:

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Dennis said...

Hi, Nina and AGU students.

It sounds as if the AGU America 2007 group is starting things off energetically!

I enjoyed the photos in the slide show.

I send my very best wishes to all of the students from AGU and hope that you will have a wonderful time in the U.S.!

Dennis in Phoenix
(an online colleague of Nina Liakos)

Hiromi said...

Hello, Nina!
Reading your post about shopping at Georgetown really reminds me of the day we spent there last year. I still remember the street I walked with Yuiko when we visited Urban Outfitters! ^^

Carla Arena said...

Hi, Nina and students,

I'm sure you're having a wonderful time there. I hope I can visit Washington and Georgetown with my family before moving back to Brazil, my country. Now, I'm here in Key West. Do you have any idea where this is?