Wednesday, August 8, 2007

WUSA Channel 9

After an hour in the lab, we set out for WUSA Channel 9. We took the shuttle bus to the metro station and then the metro to Tenleytown. Then we had to walk about 6 blocks in the stifling heat and humidity (we are in the midst of a severe heat wave) to Broadcast House. Khalim Piankhi and Madeline LaCore of the Community Relations office met us. They divided us into two groups for the tour. We saw the master control room and the "tape room" (which has fewer and fewer tapes these days). Then we were seated in the studio as J.C. Hayward read the noon news. This was really neat! We could watch as J.C. went on and off the air. She was very professional. When the broadcast was finished, she and the weather forecaster, Kim Martucci, recorded webcasts for the Channel 9 website. After that, we took lots of pictures with J.C. Hayward. In addition to a group picture (below), she posed for a photo with every single student! She was really gracious and kind, and she spoke to the students and asked them questions in the nicest way. I think everybody had a really great time at Channel 9. I know I did!


J. C. Hayward and AGU in America
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After we left Broadcast House, we stopped for lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Everybody had burgers and/or salad. It was fun, but it made us late for Shirley's class. Then the metro train we were riding stopped at Dupont Circle Station. Here's the news report from Channel 9's website:
WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) - Three stations on Metro's Red Line were closed because of a suspicious package at the Dupont Circle station....

The transit agency says the Dupont Circle station closed at 2:57 p.m. due to a suspicious package found on a train heading to Glenmont.

A rider saw the package and alerted officials via the intercom system on the train.

Metro Transit Police also closed down the Woodley Park and Cleveland Park stations for "logistical reasons," says Metro.

Special equipment was brought into the Dupont station so officials could detonate the suspicious package. Only papers and cardboard were found in the box....

After they closed the station, we walked to the Farragut North station, which was fortunately not too far away! But by the time we got back to UM, it was too late for Shirley's class, so I had to cancel it. :-( However, most of the students went on to the Student Union, to Terp Zone, I think. They are indefatigable!

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