Wednesday, August 8, 2007

After returning to Channel 9, we went to Stamp Student Union for some fun and relaxation at TerpZone! Half of us spent our time bowling, and the the other half learned how to play billiards. I was with the group bowling - everyone was really good and even wound up playing 5 games! Even luckier, today happened to be Happy Day (instead of Happy Hour!) so bowling and pool was half of the regular price!

We spent much more time at TerpZone than we had expected, so we were there from about 5-8pm! After that, we all went to Hanami, a Japanese restaurant in College Park, because the students are beginning to get homesick for rice and other daily Japanese food. After that, we went to the Jungle Grill for some ice cream to top off the end to a long, hot day!

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