Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Class met on eight days in the Multimedia Center of the Maryland English Institute (MEI). Students created blogs at Blogger.com. In their posts, they wrote about what they saw, what they did, and what they thought about it all. They learned how to upload pictures to their blogs and how to create photo albums in Bubbleshare. They learned how to leave comments on others' blogs and how to add hot links to their posts and to their blog's sidebar. They learned how to edit their posts to correct their mistakes. In so doing, they practiced reading and writing in English.

I hope when they are back in Japan, they will keep posting to these blogs so that we will know how they are doing!

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Dennis said...

Dear Nina-sensei and AGU America 2007 students,

I was impressed with the photos of all the students intently working on blogs. They've all shown a lot of progress during their short time in the U.S.!

As the AGU in America 2007 program progressed, the students became more and more involved in blogging--thanks, Nina, to your terrific guidance and to the always interesting blog posts that you made here. I was impressed that the student blog posts gradually increased in number, that all learned to post their photo, that one or two included hyperlinks, and that the observations and comments grew and grew. I think that all the blogs (yours and the students') will be an excellent way of both preserving and refreshing wonderful memories of the very special two weeks that you've all shared this summer.

Kudos on the information-rich "main blog"! Kudos on the individual student blogs as well! I sincerely hope the student blogs will remain active!

My congratulations to you for arranging such an active program! My impression time and time again was that it was a highly communicative, wonderfuly positive intercultural experience!

My congratulations to the students as well. I think they all had a terrific time in Maryland, Annapolis, and DC, and I'm positive they all learned a great deal while they were here.

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

Berta said...

Dear Nina, AGU students, mentors and everyone involved in the program in the past two weeks,

Congratulations on an excellent language and culture program ... there were so many diverse activities that everyday was simply a thrill. I always checked to see what was going on and how you were all doing.

The main class blog was particularly detailed and colorful, a great account to go back to when in need of remembering people, places, activities, special moments. Great job, Nina, always updated, descriptive, inviting.

Students´ blogs were very special as well. I could see an improvement of students´ English in the development of their ideas. The first days, there were some timid blogging trials but later there was a sense of confidence, self realization about interests stirred by the many wonderful activities, closer friendships and a lot of sharing.

Thanks for letting me participate virtually and sporadically. I did have some connection problems but I am glad I could read many of the students´ posts and learn more about their experiences, opinions, reactions and life in College Park. Please stay in touch and keep on blogging and reflecting about your stay in the States and your life back in Japan.

All the best to all of you. It was a pleasure meeting you all.